The Adventures of Twins Pigs in A Puddle, Hardcover

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Join in the adventures of identical twin sisters Eva and Neva

A beautifully illustrated hardcover copy.

Book 1 in the series:The Adventures of Twins By Eva Jo Sombathy is Pigs in a Puddle. Eva and Neva work together to solve a little dilemma on their grandparents' farm.
Introducing Eva and Neva: Eva twirled in her tutu in front of the mirror. Her tutu and ballet shoes were both the exact same shade of pink. “I’m the best ballerina in my dance class,” she said, holding a sparkly wand with ribbons.Neva stomped around the house in her cowboy boots and carried her lasso. “I’m not afraid of anything,” she announced. “I love playing outside.”The eight-year-old twins looked identical, only their parents could tell them apart. They loved having adventures and playing with each other. But their personalities were certainly not identical. Oh the adventures and fun you will have as you read book one in this five-book series: The Adventures of Identical Twin Sisters Eva and Neva.